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Getting Started

What sort of dreams and ambitions help you get out of bed each day? Have you considered going back to school? If you’re ready to take College classes and become a College graduate some day, first, you have to enroll and buy the books. Are you thinking it is time to get healthy and lose a little weight before winter? If so, you better start a routine of exercise and diet now; long before winter arrives. Just saying. Harder to roll out of bed for exercise on those cold winter days.

People are just people. It is to be expected like clock work, colder weather changes, often slow us down. Like a cold engine in the dead of winter; harder to crank over the engine. This is the time of year it becomes a little harder, finding motivation, hopping out of bed, getting our Saturday or Sunday worship started again. If you’ve been extra busy during good weather months, hop inside this weekend. Connect again with God and good friends.

At Journey Community Christian Church we’re taking another look in the Bible for life and God’s direction. Our goal is to discover practical, relevant ways for getting past our past, with FORWARD THINKING. This weekend we peek at a text found in Ephesians 5:1-17. If you'd like, go ahead and read through this passage before the weekend. This may be exactly the kind of direction you have been hoping to find.

The author (Apostle Paul) of this part of the Bible speaks wisdom words like a father helping his children learn how to WALK with God more effectively. His words are very practical; like an earthly father helping coach and encourage a toddler who keeps bumping into things, falling down. If you have a toddler, you know, they’ve got nicks and bruises all the time.

We are just people. We also stumble and fall in our daily walk with God. We’ve got the bruises and scratches to prove it. If your spiritual walk with God has felt like one set back after another, welcome to the human race. Walking with God… like taking a few baby steps… is certain to take a lot of practice.

“Don’t give-up. God is for you. Shouldn’t you be for you too!” Max Lucado; John 3:16; Romans 7:24-25a NLT.

Join us at Journey Church Cynthiana. This may be just the sort of “warm up” your spiritual engine is needing right now.

Forward Thinking.


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