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Great Customer Service

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the LORD rather than for people.” Colossians 3:23 NLT

My dad worked nearly 50 years for a local sausage company, Webber’s Sausage, Inc. He was a really good salesman and employee. For many years he was a delivery truck driver bringing fresh sausage to small mom and pop groceries and large grocery chain stores. Eventually, he became a customer representative for Kroger Stores in the Cincinnati area. He loved what he did for those stores and customers each week. Store managers appreciated my dad’s effort to always make things right.

It was more than just a job to my dad. He made things personal.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church in Cynthiana we’ll check out another Bible text, Ephesians 2:11-22. During our worship gathering weekend we’ll discover Jesus is the secret sauce for helping us work together - better! If you’ve been looking for practical tips to better partnerships in parenting and marriage this lesson is made for you.

How can families, churches, and communities work better. How can we find sustainable solutions? How might we establish momentum and positive direction? In our modern world with so many apparent differences, how is consensus possible? When uncertainly prevails in our world where might we discover hope for a better tomorrow?

Without sounding naive, the Truth, be told, Jesus really does change just about everything related to daily life. In very practical ways our best tools for Making things right… getting along better… whatever the job… best solutions are discovered in the Bible.

God is our “Sales Manager,” so to speak. He is giving us morning instructions as we begin our day. He desires we represent well, the Good News (God is for you - John 3:16) with our neighbors, with our families.

How do we fix what’s wrong today? It will take something like my dad; always going the extra mile for nearly 50 years. He was willing to do almost anything, which was legal. He would bend over backwards to help corporate/local grocery stores. His opening usually sounded like this: “How can we help you today?”

Being the Church Jesus has in mind will take extra mile effort. Every Jesus follower must sign up and share the Good News with another person.

We must be willing to make God look good (like dad wanting Webber’s Sausage, Inc. to be known as the best sausage).

When our mission is to make God look good in our modern world… we will always try to Make Things Right.

In order to accomplish this God-size goal… we have to make things personal again! Go God.. let’s do this everywhere!


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