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Healing Takes Time

My personal/pastoral prayer list grows faster than the grass in my yard during warm, humid summertime in Kentucky. Each morning I have my forever list of people and needs which is always important. I pray for general good health/life for my wife, children, grandchildren, my nuclear family, and my church family, for sure.

Then during certain seasons of illness/distress my list gets longer and the needs grow larger for people. I never cease praying through the day for those needs; especially those I know really well. Funny to me, how prayers for people is something like mowing grass.

After a busy summer mowing my yard I’ve discovered the tricky spots. Places where it may be too wet. Places where I slow down to be careful of tree limbs/shrubs. I have even discovered the best path to follow on steep inclines. I realize lots of rain makes for a bit of hard work.

It is often 4-5 hours mowing two acres with a steep hillside and numerous large trees. When I include trimming around trees and buildings it easily adds another hour to the clock. Mowing grass like healing from wounds and injuries will take time.

When you are done, it is very satisfying to see the improvement. I have always loved mowing for that reason. You quickly reap the harvest of your labor on a hot day after plenty of sweat and water breaks. This is where prayer takes a different path and timeline. God is not operating from the same system and clock as people do.

“But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.” 2 Peter 3:8 NLT

The Apostle Peter was reassuring early 1st century Christians who, after persecution for their faith in Jesus, facing numerous hardships, don’t despair; God has not forgotten them.

Sometimes it can take days, weeks, years, or decades for us to see that we are fully healed from wounded-ness in life. In some instances we may never be completely healed until we finally arrive, forever home, in heaven. Unlike mowing grass for a few hours our healing inside often takes lots more time. Trust God more.

This weekend join us as we explore how Moses and the Israelites experienced wounds on the inside as well as the outside. We will learn from their experiences the 3 different stages of wounded-ness. Then before we wrap things up we’ll take a look at the 3 steps to recovery in their journey.

If you know someone nearby who is having a particular hard time keeping up with their yard work or life issues this lesson is certain to encourage.

For people struggling with some kind of wound inside which never seems to be better = this relevant Bible message will provide needed support! Reach out to people you’ve missed for awhile this summer. Invite them to join you for worship this weekend.

Maybe your friendship will be the best sermon they could ever hear. It’s nice too be nice.

God is for everybody. Tell everyone = Jesus changes everything. The Bible promises whatever happens next = God will help us through.

God is with us.


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