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Heavy Weight

My daughter, Heather, surprised me once, when joining a female competitive weight lifting team. She and a few other lady friends became quite successful lifting dead weights from the floor position in weight lifting contests. They successfully lifted enormous weights and were recognized and awarded by their peers. They were quite impressive.

Weight comes in all sizes and shapes. According to Wikipedia, “The largest meteorite ever found in the U.S. is the Willamette meteorite. Found in Oregon, 1902, it’s made of iron and weighs over 15 tons.”

Still, this heavy weight is nothing compared to the Hoba meteorite found in Namibia, Africa, 1920, by a farmer plowing his field. Author, Louie Giglio, says in his book, The Wonder of Creation,  “It’s about nine feet long, nine feet wide, and three feet thick and weighs over 66 tons - that’s about the same as 10 big African elephants!”

People we know carry around heavy weights from past experiences. Many times they become burdened with guilt and failure from unwise choices. Sometimes, poor choices of friendships have influenced unwise and unhealthy decisions. You probably know someone struggling right now in the new year, maybe feeling stuck; unsure how to move forward.

I’ve got a suggestion to consider. Invite them to our weekend gathering at Journey Church in Cynthiana. Be a friend and help one another. This weekend at Journey part #2 in our winter series from Proverbs we’ll discover what’s important for our best ever future. These relevant Bible words guide us into a few necessary corners, with clear paths to follow to our freedom. It can feel like solving a difficult puzzle or figuring out a maze we’ve become trapped within.   

Our mission at Journey is to help other people know Jesus is our truest friend. He will help off-load the heavy weight of this world. “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’ ” Matthew 11:28 NLT  

Jesus is for everyone (John 3:16). We can always depend upon Him to be there for us, no matter what. This weekend at Journey Church let’s deepen our relationships with God and each other. When we do that we are making the world a better place.

Are you ready for this? This picking good friends is key for our success in 2024. If you have a few people who care, are willing to be honest, and will let you know if you are drifting into a danger zone, you are truly blessed.

We need friends who are wise, if we hope to be wise. When everyday life issues and challenges get us weighed down, a trustworthy friend can help.


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