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It's Not Complicated

When I was dating my wife (52 years ago) there was a clear agenda. I wanted to impress the girl I was dating. I knew this would require extra effort on my part. I would do my best to clean up, spruce up, and dress up before picking her up for a date. As our relationship deepened, continuing through High School and beyond, it was apparent. I would do anything to win her heart forever.

Eventually, I knew this was the girl I wanted to marry. I was wholly committed, whatever the sacrifice might require; whatever personal changes I would make. And, oh boy, did I ever have to make some changes. My 1969 Plymouth Road Runner had been my pride and joy. I was needing to rearrange a few priorities.    

I did what any red blooded American would do. I proposed and then bought her a ring with all the money I could manage at the time. It was a tiny diamond ring. She still proudly wears it today. That ring on her finger was worth the sacrifice.    

In High School, I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Still, I was no dummy. My girl got the money I had been spending on my hot rod car. This was a great deal. Why? Because, I was in love. She was worth every penny. I wish I still had that car. I’m really happy I still have that girl as my forever wife.

Relationships with God and with people are not impossible. They are not automatic. Both our relationship with God and with people require personal commitment and sacrifice for them to be the best.

This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we wrap up our current summer series, IT’S NOT COMPLICATED. Being our best version of ourselves, following Jesus, being good neighbors is not impossible. It’s not automatic either. Just because we’ve been to church and read the Bible for direction doesn’t set us up for success.

Join us this weekend and discover the final step in a better version of ourselves. Who doesn’t want to be their best. This last Bible lesson with put all the pieces together and we’ll walk away with new confidence. God is rooting for us. He has a good plan. He wants us to thrive; really taking off with our Jesus story in this world.

We may need to change up a few things. God may ask us to sacrifice more. But hey, when you love God like loving a person, it becomes a great experience. God wants a forever, on earth and heaven, relationship with us.

Loving God and loving people is a worthy endeavor. Let’s talk about it.

Join us and bring a seat buddy. We are better together.     



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