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Just Two Words

What are you doing this morning? I’m doing mission work out front on the Journey sidewalk of where we call home. Today, I have been greeting our neighbors. Auto Zone is on the left and Central Kentucky Recovery drug clinic is on the right. Our weather is amazing. Birds are singing and people are moving around outdoors again. It is bright and sunny with an expected high of 62 degrees. This is my favorite time of year. I want to be neighborly and friendly to everyone I meet today.

Just a moment ago, I handed off a half-dozen cup cakes to our friends at the drug clinic. We had a few snacks still on our Journey coffee bar from the weekend. This gesture made them smile and say, “Thank you.” A few moments before this happened, I was greeting an employee next door at Auto Zone. He is a friend and we talk almost every day. He injured his back moving some heavy furniture. I was following up. He is feeling better today.

My first words to our neighbors on both sides was simple, and direct. I said to everyone, “Good morning!” This was all that was needed to make a small impact in their  morning routine. Nice weather and nice words just go together. And if you can throw in a half dozen iced cup cakes for coffee break, or a few kind words, like, “How are you doing?” the day is off to a great start.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we wrap up our series, ZIP IT. We’ve discovered from the Bible - people like us can develop bad habits. We may need a little help from God for getting things aligned and straightened up. God loves us. He is working with us. Changing us, for the better.

We like to say, God is in the rescue business. God never gives up on YOU! His desire is to transform stubborn hearts of people who complain, criticize, and gossip far too often. These bad habits with tongues getting loose, leave a trail of destruction behind. Real change is not easy. Still, it’s not impossible. Everyone is possible.   

When negative words, thoughts, and actions take over - we weaken our relationships with people everywhere. Eventually, unwillingness to change begins to destroy relationships and friendship. Until finally, we lose friends. That’s the bad news. The good news is it’s never too late to renew friendships; even, make new friends. God can do anything. Jesus changes everything. Jesus changes us.     

We don’t have to be rich, be a genius, or famous like Taylor Swift to make friends. Start small. Begin with kind words when greeting people. Just say, “Good Morning.” See what happens next. If you can throw in a muffin or cup cake with icing, you are on your way to a better day.

It’s that simple. How we start each conversation, determines how we finish. Join us this weekend tourney Church Cynthiana as we wrap up our thoughts from the Bible.

No more complaining, criticizing, or gossip. Let’s ZIP IT !       


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