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Keep an Open Door Policy

Journey Community Christian Church is located in prime location for our God mission in the community. Our neighbor on the left is Auto Zone. Customers flow through their doors all day looking for auto parts. On the right side of our storefront location is our neighbor, Central Kentucky Recovery clinic. People arrive throughout the day seeking medical assistance for addiction recovery issues.

Journey Church is positioned in the middle of messy people living their lives each day. Some are discouraged about costly auto repairs. Others are looking for hope in the repair of their personal life. Journey is always there with a friendly smile and hello to every traveler. Often-times we are able to exchange pleasant words with those passing our way.

We make it clear our door is always open to everyone. We say frequently, “We would do anything, trying to make someones day better tomorrow, than it was today.” We demonstrate this by being available on that sidewalk out front. Offering everything from free coffee, water, partnership, and a little advice when needed for encouragement.

Over the last 15 years we’ve helped people get drivable cars when they have jobs but walk to work. We’ve given free labor and leadership, helping people get into new homes (Habitat style) when they couldn’t qualify for bank loans. We’ve put clean, warm clothing on people stranded in bad weather. Why would we do things like this? Journey Church has an agenda. We want everyone to know Jesus is their best friend.

This style of church and location is contagious. The Fed Ex delivery driver just waved as he stepped inside Auto Zone. He is always friendly. The same is true of the Amazon delivery driver, UPS driver, and almost every other person up and down the sidewalk. We try hard each day to be good neighbors, everywhere, with everyone.

If all this sounds easy, it’s not! This is the most challenging sort of church you may ever attend. We have high expectations of everyone to do something, helping others. We need everything; time, talent, and treasure. We are not just a church with volunteers; we’re the church of volunteers.

Journey Church is a high investment sort of place, but has an even higher reward. Most people who arrive, looking for a church family with a missional vision for helping everyone get their Jesus story started, usually return here, often. We like to say, “If you come 3 times in a row, you’re stuck, never to leave.” The mission is that exciting and rewarding.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am as we wrap up our current series, GOOD CALL: NO MORE D.I.Y. This weekend we discover what faithfulness and maturity with Jesus really looks like on paper.

Ask someone to be our GUEST. For sure invite them Easter - April 8/9. Join us. God is up to something in the world right now. Wow, God!


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