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Listening is a Skill

Are you a good listener? How about a great listener? Most of us believe we’re listening all the time. However, we all must admit we’re capable of missing key information in a conversation. Our wives and loved ones tell us, “You’ve got selective hearing.”

We may remember the box scores of all the games last night, but forget the grocery list. Our wife had items to pick up at the store, but we forgot something on the list. Listening is not automatic just because we have two ears. It is a skill to be learned and practiced in life.

This weekend we share part two of a summer series, IT’S NOT COMPLICATED. This week we learn how vital every Jesus follower practice their best listening skills for hearing God’s voice each day. What does it mean: LISTEN to God?  And another thing: HOW do we listen? How do I KNOW it’s God talking?       

If you are a mom or dad or office manager, this lesson is for you. If you’re a Jesus follower wanting to find God’s purpose each day this outline from the Bible will offer helpful tips for better LISTENING with people and with God.

Accidents, mistakes, and misunderstandings often happen at work, home, and church when instructions were not clear or not fully understood by everyone. We are better together. It’s Not Complicated. We all need to know what we truly believe about God, the Bible, Sin, Church, and Jesus. Then we need to become a Jesus follower who learns and practices listening for God’s voice in every situation.   

Every kind of personal interaction between people and our world requires our ability to hear the message sent. It’s not automatic. Listening with more awareness of people and God is a skill to be developed. Over time, we learn to recognize and trust God’s voice with confidence.

Join us this weekend Journey Sat@6pm or Sun@10:30am at Journey Church Cynthiana. We do our best to help you get a boost with important, relevant tips for being a great LISTENER.

Spoiler alert: This takes more… way more..  than just having BIG ears!    

See you at Journey this weekend…


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