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Making Things Better

We all can describe what is not working in our wold today. This week I am in Dallas for a wedding I am officiating. My time spent in the car rental line was almost longer than the time it took me to fly here. That isn’t working for those people traveling long distances, on tight schedules.

I met a mom and dad from Vermont with two small boys waiting for an SUV. They had traveled long distance since before dawn and were now hungry, tired, and done with it all. What might anyone do to make things better? I tried to smile as I waited, sharing some positive and supportive words for the weary family.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church we’re taking a look inside the Bible for a picture of how people were working together to make things better. One interesting description (Acts 11:27-30) in the early 1st century Church Jesus started is some people had a comfortable level of personal resources; others had very little.

Clearly those leaders and churches (Acts 11:29-30) with more than enough were committed to helping those with none. I saw a story on social media this week of a church pastor who posted a picture of a peanut butter jar sitting in a hallway by his office door. The inspiring story described the peanut butter jar was placed there every week for over ten years. A member of meager circumstances had been bringing peanut butter to give away for years.

Everyone can do something (big or small) when we decide that everyone matters. Over long periods even the smallest amount become big. You can addd it up for yourself. That’s at least 520 jars of peanut butter for hungry kids and people somewhere. Just saying.

In a world where so many things are not working as smoothly as they once did, what can we (Journey Church Cynthiana) do to help? Join us this weekend and let’s keep the Momentum going. Our current series from the Bible is guiding a few thoughts for all of us today. Let’s BE the Church Jesus started by helping wherever, whenever, and whoever you can.

One of my favorite stories to share is about how accepting children can be of each other. “Three kids had planned a club house to retreat to each day after school. One of the first assignments were to come up with a few clubhouse rules to follow. Here is what they decided: Nobody act big. Nobody act little. Everybody act medium.”

Hope to see you this weekend in person or online. Let us know when you are ready to be a Journey volunteer. We have a team;

a place for you serve other people. Just let us know what you have a heart and passion to do.

Let’s make things better for weary travelers in airports and every place we meet each day. Smile and share words of support. Go God.


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