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Champions in sporting events are often crowned after a grueling series of games and matches. Every sport is different but eventually two of the better teams play for all the glory. In some instances better talent wins the day; not always. Execution of the teams game plan can be also play a major factor in which team becomes victorious.

I am a sports fan of most sporting events. In almost every instance watching various contests in sports the biggest factor often is momentum. Which team is able to gain momentum first, then keep momentum at critical moments. A sudden momentum swing may determine the winner.

This weekend at Journey Church in Cynthiana we’re kicking off a new fall/winter series, Momentum…. Getting from where you are, to where you want to be. We will use the early 1st century Church Jesus started as described in Acts of the Apostles. The Bible gives us context and background for gaining momentum in the local Church and your personal life today.

If you are feeling like your relationship with someone is like a roller coaster, up and down, this series will give you practical steps for consistency. Maybe, like me, you hope the colder winter temperatures moderate quickly? This new series will provide extra encouragement, knowing, sooner or later, even harsh weather, gives way to more pleasant temperatures.

Momentum is a thing.

In our investments, places of employment, public and private family life, schools, health care, politics, attitudes, sleeping habits, diets, and even church life - momentum is a thing! Hope you can jump online or hop inside the Journey front door this weekend. We’ll share an outline for tips in relating better, like friends, with people who have various religious backgrounds.

How do we learn winning ways from Jesus the Master builder and the early Church leaders? What are key take-aways for people and families today for building and growing trust in our neighborhood. How can we make our homes and neighborhoods more friendly, caring, and loving? Good questions to pursue.

Journey Church desires to build a forever community with the Good News and Gospel of Jesus who is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody. This series will help us find positive steps in working effectively with our neighbors in the neighborhood. Maybe you can begin by inviting a seat buddy to come join you at Journey Weekend. Let’s do this.

Journey Community Christian Church has seen new people continue to arrive. New Jesus decisions have been shared with baptisms and rededication. Will you continue helping God build momentum in our Journey community. Join us and grab a chair; take a few notes.

Most people leave the Journey weekend worship with renewed confidence and a God-size mission in their hearts. Go God.

Momentum is a thing.


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