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Most Embarrassing Moment

Complete this sentence. My most embarrassing moment in life was _______________ . All of us have things we’re not proud of; maybe an ugly outburst of emotions? Who hasn’t tucked away a few skeletons hidden in their closet? People are just people. Nobody gets it right all the time. And some of the time, everything can go haywire, ruining hopes of future happiness and success. Unwise choices have consequences.

This weekend at Journey Community Christian Church in Cynthiana, Kentucky we’re launching a new five-part series, VALUED: people matter most! What is a person to do when our miscues and mistakes leave us embarrassed? What if personal choices reduce our ability to have a positive impact in our family and neighborhood? Can we start over? Good questions.

If people see us coming, then turn, heading the other way, what’s next for us? Are we forever hopeless? What does God say? Another, good question.

If you’re like me, you’ve got an ugly, really embarrassing story in your past. I’ve never forgotten, fresh out of high school, in a local restaurant with older work buddies, wanting to make a tough guy impression, telling an off-color joke, laced with curse words. When the table erupted in laughter, I noticed my Sunday School teacher sitting next to us. It was pretty embarrassing.

Have you ever wondered, “Is it too late for me?” If this stirs up any sort of doubt in your mind, I have Good News to share. GOD is not done with you yet! This weekend, part-one, we’re sharing a story from John 8:1-11. This is one of those Jesus conversations which brings renewed hope for everyone. A married woman with a history of improper relationships is publicly exposed. She is trapped, judged, and condemned by her religious community.

Jesus' actions and words may surprise you. Jesus' words certainly surprised the adulterous woman about to be stoned to death by the mob. Our past does not define us. Jesus does. Our mission is to tell EVERYBODY; KNOWING Jesus as Savior changes everything.

Check it out for yourself this weekend at Journey. Bring a friend or family member. Especially, those feeling the church roof may cave in, if I walked inside. Just tell them, Come And See what Jesus is all about!

Hey, if it helps, tell them your preacher once had a problem with cursing in public places, and Jesus straightened him out.

I’m just a nobody, telling everybody, about Somebody (Jesus) who saved may soul!

People Matter Most.


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