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Pick a Word

Are you one of those people who pick a “word” every January, 1st, for direction and focus? My wife does this each year. Her word 2024 is serve.  I have been known to do this myself. Last year, January 1, 2023 my word was grow. My thoughts and focus were prayers God would help grow things in my ministry and family life.

Looking back, I am certain God answered my request for growth in 2023. Journey continues to help people begin, renew, restore, restart their Jesus relationship. Our impact is being felt in more places because of that prayer last year. Just last weekend I was speaking with a friend who informed me he had watched one of our sermon series online while working in London, England. Who knows how far is God’s impact in the world.

Our resources from within Journey weekend worship gatherings and additional online gifts from friends outside local Journey location have also grown. We have many new faces along with faithful volunteers who are making for stronger teams with new volunteers. We are are growing at Journey Church Cynthiana. God is certainly up to some-thing GOOD each day in our once again growing Journey family.   

This year, I began 2024 with a theme to share for my 1st sermon series. We are in a winter series titled, What’s Needed Most. I am answering the question everyone has on their mind this time of year? What’s needed most before turning the page on the calendar? This weekend we’re in part 3 of the current series. If you have missed the first 2 messages they are on our Journey Church Cynhtiana FB page. All of our messages are archived on our website:    

What have we discovered so far? When taking a deeper dive into Proverbs in the Bible the trending topics have led us back to one foundational verse. The linchpin for success in 2024 begins with this verse:  “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7 NIV

My word for 2024 is WISDOM. None of us are going to get very far without respect of God and His plan for us. He is the giver of true and deeper knowledge. He does this through our obedience to His daily instruction and guidance. This God-connection leads to wisdom in every detail of life.

People, I know everywhere, need more of God’s Word and His wisdom. How about you? Join us this weekend in-person/online as we consider what words can do: Our words can be life giving or life taking.

Let’s do this. Bring a seat buddy….



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