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Puzzling and a Puzzle

If you are like me, some of the daily things in our world are real head scratchers? Why? Why would anyone do________________ (fill in the blank)? What if our lives are a puzzle of sorts; a puzzle to be solved? What if each of us has a puzzle box with a kajillion puzzle pieces in our box to sort out? And what if finding that ONE corner piece helped us see the entire picture more clearly?

I hate working puzzles. I do not have the patience for them. Maybe it is a guy thing? My wife can spend all winter solving a difficult puzzle and enjoy it. She clearly is a better human being than myself. (Ha, you already knew that). Our world is struggling right now, everywhere. That is no secret. The standard solutions offered (money, fame, beauty) are not much help.

So what is missing in our puzzle box of life? This question is timeless! Turns out it is not a WHAT but a WHO. Jesus, our missing piece of the puzzle of life. He clears up everything, for everyone (John 3:16). Jesus addressed this conundrum. Jesus told the Jewish leaders, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6). It was puzzling to them. They struggled, hating Jesus, even having Him arrested, then crucified. They rejected Him (MT 21:42).

Do WE knowingly or unknowingly reject Jesus on our worst days? Are we determined to try fitting puzzle pieces into our life puzzle, not aligned with the will of God for us? Ask yourself these questions: Am I learning more about Jesus? Am I growing more like Jesus? Am I going more, taking Jesus into the world?

Our world STRUGGLES with God. The modern world today is fright with human struggle. We seem to have spilled the puzzle box, scattering pieces everywhere (losing Jesus). We can be divisive, angry, fearful, anxious and skeptical of almost everything. Many realize something is very wrong and broken in the world. If you are feeling more and more puzzled by all this, don’t despair. This may be the perfect time for a change of heart in our wold.

Who knew? Who knew Jesus would be trending at the 2023 Super Bowl last weekend? Over 100 million people viewed a 60/30 second TV commercial promoting Jesus: HE GETS US! This is a global movement (Google it) being created through media and ads introducing or maybe reintroducing a bajillion number of people to Jesus. Wow, God!

At the same time a trending local news story of REVIVAL is catching on. Asbury College, a small school in Ky has gone viral/national with students, faculty, and lines of people gathering non-stop for two weeks. Continued REVIVAL services with worship, messages, music, confession, and baptisms in this small town gains interest and momentum. Other college towns are speaking about revival moments beginning on their campus. KLOVE radio is now sharing these stories. Wow God.

If you are feeling a bit puzzled by YOUR circumstances, asking way MORE questions, than having answers, maybe WONDERING what went wrong, don’t despair. Join us this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church. We take a deeper dive into the puzzle box of life looking for the Jesus piece that makes things clear. Bring a guest and let’s take a look at 1 John 3.

We learn it’s not over. Jesus changes everything. GOOD CALL.


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