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Sorting Laundry

For years, I never gave much thought to the laundry basket at our house. Our closets always had clean clothes hanging inside. Our kids, even when small, stayed scrubbed and clean just like their play clothes tossed in the daily wash. Connie was clearly in charge of the washing machine at our house. To be honest, I never bothered to pay much attention how to operate the washer or dryer.

On occasion, I grabbed clean, folded laundry from the top of the dryer if needed. For the most part, I was uninvolved. Then, our kids grew older and they began to help with laundry. Again, I was occupied with other duties. As long as I had clean socks and underwear each day it was must be working, I thought.

Eventually, Connie and I have seen our kids become adults, leave home, and have their own laundry day. Somewhere, about this time, I became more curious about how to operate the washing machine. I asked for a little tutorial. Reluctantly, she made an index card with a few steps to follow. What could go wrong, I told her? She has never gotten over my flooding our bathroom when trying to fix a leaky faucet.

This story ends well. I have become fairly proficient helping with laundry duties. My worst mistakes have been leaving Kleenex in my pockets all the time. Turns out, our dryer shreds Kleenex like my lawn mower. Who knew?

I tell you that story as a way to invite you to check out our series, GOOD CALL: no more D.I.Y.

Even if you’ve never been very interested, not paying a lot of attention to Church and God and how things work in the Bible, you can learn. We promise to give you easy to follow steps, like Connie, helping me learn to laundry.

This weekend at Journey Church we’ll take another look at wise words from the Apostle John in 2 John. The take-way for all of us this weekend is when doing God’s work of any sort make sure you’ve been given trustworthy, clear too understand, truthful instructions.

In the early 1st century Church a problem arose with false teachers who traveled around, giving bad advice. Many of the early Jesus followers were unfamiliar with Jesus teachings. They had not seen or heard Jesus in person. They were not sure what to believe. Some of them just made things up.

If I tried doing laundry without a little help from my wife (she is the bonafide laundry maven at our house) it would have been a mess. The Apostle John had been with Jesus and seen his death, burial, and resurrection as an eye witness. He was a certified leader in the early church and the Bible. If you are ready to learn a bit more regarding Truth in the Bible, this lesson will help.

Make a little space and room in your weekend schedule. Join us either Saturday or Sunday at Journey Church Cynthiana. Keep the momentum going. God is up to something in our world. Easter is next. Bring a guest to check things out. Come and see what it’s all about.

Go God.


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