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The Future

I think you can find just about anything on the internet. Some of it is real. I just Googled the 1970 Harrison County Thoroughbreds High School Yearbook. That’s the year I graduated High School. The 1970 Harrisonian filled with pictures of people; some which I still remember.

I have no idea what happened to many of them after walking across the stage. I have never attended a class reunion since I left High School. I was so glad to actually graduate, I never went back. I owe a lot to my Geometry teacher, Mrs. Clifford. If not for her tutoring me through High School Geometry, I may have never have graduated. Thank you, again, Mrs. Clifford.     

I had forgotten I’m in several pictures besides my Senior picture. Good grief where has the last fifty four years gone?  And where are those people now? I still know the whereabouts of a few, but not many. I left pretty quickly after High School. Military and ministry kept me traveling for many of those years. We lose touch. We make new friends.

Looking back, the Class of 1970, we all thought we knew what was next. Either go to College for more education; a better job. Or go to work immediately and make money to buy the things we had waited for. The future? Who could know what is next! In truth, like most students graduating, even today, the future is yet to be determined. We really don’t imagine much beyond a decade. I want a family, friends, a career, and a place to call home.    

What about now? Even as we grow older we’re not certain about the future much beyond our current status. How does anyone really know what tomorrow may bring? Life and the future is a bit of conundrum; always has been.

Connie and I discovered early in our married life God has a plan for everyone. I now believe the future is always bright, with God in the lead. Whatever decade of life we find ourselves, when God is leading us, everything works out, eventually (Romans 8:28). This is my favorite verse in the Bible. Maybe it is yours also.

Change and transition of the seasons of life is hard. Like moving through the seasons in our weather.  Maybe you are on the verge of a major change in your life. Let me encourage you today. The clear message from the Bible for those who follow God is really Good News.

“When everything else changes, God’s presence never does.” Our journey during seasons of life is never alone. God is with us. (Matthew 1:21-23, John 14:26).

Join us this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church. We wrap up our current summer series, Y.D.H.W.I.T  you don’t have what it takes. In the final episode we explore the future: You Can’t Control The Future. What unfulfilled dreams have you left behind somewhere?  What discouraging moment has left you wondering about new opportunities? Will this ever be better again?

If this sounds helpful and relevant to you, just come and see. Try Journey Sat @6pm - always a good choice. Especially if you are busy for Sunday or have to travel out of town. If you have Sunday free and you enjoy meeting new people try Sun@10:30am. New people arrive nearly every Sunday. Most of them find us very friendly and welcoming. I think you will also.

Give it a shot, this weekend in person and online. Let’s talk about your exciting FUTURE with God.            


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