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The Happy Life

Would you say you are more happy, or less happy than last year the same time? Our global pandemic has stretched everyone in the world. We are finding joy in the small things. I am very encouraged to read and hear from friends still on mission to love God and love people. Many are doing amazing things for others every day.

I’ve just read of the essential work of volunteers in a Community Center in San Francisco providing meals every day during the pandemic. Another friend is volunteering in Lake Charles, Louisiana for hurricane relief, helping demo and rebuild. My friend shared the damage on the ground is so devastating it will take ten years for the city to recover.

Everyone has a story each day. Some are doing better than others. We are all better together. Do something when you can. Journey Church has always looked for the most overlooked people. We desire to find those no one else is giving attention their. attention. We do not want to duplicate what others can do better. We seek our niche for finding small ways to be nice to everyone. Everybody can do something.

This weekend at Journey worship we discover from Galatians in the Bible three steps which lead to more happiness. If you have never read this part of the Bible it may be something which can give you a lift right now. Paul is writing to people just like us. The Jesus followers who were called Christians found themselves unclear about what to believe.

Like an older, wiser brother, the Apostle Paul helps them break free of trying to measure up to others opinions. There was a strong debate and tense discussion in this short letter to the cluster of tiny churches trying to stay positive. If this sounds interesting to you give Journey a try this weekend. You can join us either in-person or virtual online with our FB and website live stream.

Again, to remind you, we are taking extra precautions to be safe for you when you arrive. We are staying 6 feet apart, wiping and cleaning all the seats, doorknobs, and light switches. Our bathrooms have cleaning materials for wiping everything down when you leave. Masks are being worn by some as they enter. They are recommended when around anyone you do not know or are unable to social distance. This is a decision we leave with you regarding your own level of confidence.

If you would like a teaser for this WEEKEND topic titled, THE HAPPY LIFE, look for these thoughts which are in the message: 1- Consider forgiving others each day. 2- Honesty is essential when sticking together. 3- People flourish when affirmed.

People are just people. Everyone is longing for happiness and a place to feel they belong. Help us at Journey and the world everyone, be nice to everyone. Do something nice if you can. Let us know how we can help you. I promise, if it fits our niche at Journey we’ll work on it with God to help somehow.

God is good. See you this weekend at Journey Community Christian Church. Tell others about a church who really is for the people. Tell them we try to keep it simple: Love God and love people.

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