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Things That Annoy...

We’ve probably got our Top Ten list of things which annoy us most. Like people who snore loudly. Or, maybe people who throw litter out car windows. Then there is this: direct deposit checks at local banks which arrive late. We are just people. Things annoy us. We begin to think, "Maybe I should change banks." We tell others, "Something needs to change."

Who hasn’t thought of changing their doctor after sitting in the doctors office waiting room 45 minutes for our scheduled appointment? We’re feeling annoyed. Our blood pressure is rising as the clock ticks away. We are thinking, "Something needs to change around here!"

We’re all more alike than we realize. Whether it’s the young family wrangling toddlers to bed each night, feeling defeated - or the senior level executive who offices downtown, feeling exhausted after long commutes to work for years, both agree - something needs to change.

So why is it so hard to change? I’m glad you asked that question. This weekend at Journey Church Cynthiana we wrap up our summer seasons looking at Moses life in the Bible. If you’ve kept up with this series from Exodus in the Bible you know, Moses had a few questions for God. This caused him to go on a DEEPER search for more Truth.

Are you ready to do that? What if WE need to change?

When we let small things become big things our margins for positive vibes begins to shrink. Even normal interruptions and inconsistencies, over time, begin to annoy us. Sometimes change is necessary AND needed. But why do people resist change?

I’m not sure I can answer that for everyone, but I know how it has worked with me. When I delay changing unhealthy habits (daily walk) my life becomes more messy. We resist change and it comes natural.

How about you? Are you open to change when our smooth sailing runs aground? When our ship (us) is at high risk (stuck) like stepping in sticky gum on a hot sidewalk? Pretty annoying, right? This weekend at Journey Church we’ll dive into the story of Moses and and answer two key questions: 1 - Why do we hate change? 2 - How should we explore change?

As we wrap up of our summer series join us in person or online Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am. INVITE a guest to come sit with YOU and check things out. Your friend may find CHANGING things up for better results is hard for them also. This a very helpful and relevant lesson to explore for everyone.

One of the mistakes we make in life is the assumption that things will always remain as they are! Whether good or bad, life is never static. We need to discover HOW to make positive changes (before we get annoyed.)

Jesus wants to help YOU face EVERY challenge of change! Hoping to see you this weekend. When our way is not working, stay connected to the Vine (John 15:5).

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