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Urgent Care

The sign is nearly impossible to miss. Normally, it will be flashing, bright red or orange neon letters, indicating medical help is just inside. Who isn’t grateful for clear, quick, easy-to-identify emergency services signage posted in public places everywhere? Whether your middle school athlete has sprained their ankle, needing an X-ray or your toddler has a high fever, finding help when we need it is priceless.

I wonder if our marketing strategy for churches could use an update for our public signage displays? Is it just me, or do you feel like the local church today is the best-kept secret for where to find friends and support?

Our Easter weekend was phenomenal with a packed building and many new faces. We witnessed God at work with 9 baptisms and 2 rededications. One of the baptisms was especially exciting. The Easter services had ended and most of our crowd had dispersed to join family for food and fun times. A few stragglers were still at the front door engaging in enthusiastic conversations about Easter decisions.

I began moving through the building with a few other Journey volunteers. We were doing some necessary tidy up duties, then I saw him; one of our recent returning guests. He said, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” I said sure, let’s go back here and sit down. Then he said, “I think I want to get baptized.” So I responded, “Right NOW? Or do you mean later?” My new Journey friend said, “No, right now!”

I was thrilled and prayed a prayer with him regarding his new decision to follow Jesus as His Savior. When I said Amen, he looked up and asked, “Can I have a hug?” Wow, God. Even after our Easter service ended people were tossing around in their mind, if this was THE day for their Jesus decision also!

If you were were in any of Easter services in person or online, will you consider coming BACK this weekend? We have other people who are planning to be baptized, some this weekend. We have a follow-up topic, after Easter: A DISCIPLE BREAKS BREAD. If you were unable to make Easter last weekend for work or travel conflicts, check out, what’s next in the line up at Journey Church Cynthiana!

If you’ve been trying to get a friend or family member to join you at Journey, this might be the one that grabs their attention. If you are having a hard time giving the invite, not sure HOW to approach them, just say, ‘Hey, come and check out a church giving out hugs!” It just might work for them also.

Technology is a great tool in our world, but it will never replace the human touch. People crave real person/in-person contact. We’ve all felt frustrated by voice mail messages and recorded instructions to leave a message when looking for help.

God is up to something in our world. Help us spread Good News and continue Easter momentum. See you at Journey. Bring a friend and guest. It’s kinda URGENT!


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