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What Jesus Said

We begin a new five-week series at Journey Community Christian Church this weekend titled DISCIPLE. This series will help lead us into Easter weekend, April 8th/9th. There is a buzz in the room every day when I get to the Journey office. Bryan and I are having regular conversations about which person/family is planning to make a decision for baptism during Easter.

We have teams of people who are Journey volunteers checking out almost everything that we need to be ready. A family just stepped inside the church with Journey coffee bar supplies. Another volunteer is coming by later to check out how we might add more seating on the floor where we have worship each weekend. We’re filling up chairs and expecting a larger crowd in every church in the world this Easter.

God is up to something BIG in the world. It is tangible, you can feel it. God’s presence; His Holy, powerful, influence is covering us. I just spoke a few days ago with a friend who follows Journey Church Cynthiana religiously online. He lives in another state and city. He has shared that each time he hops online to join us for worship it feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket, just taken out of the dryer. Wow, God.

Make plans to join us this weekend and bring a Journey guest. If you have missed someone for awhile, check in on them. Your phone call or text message may be a life saver for people struggling with loneliness and depression. We really are better together. Help God by getting someone inside Journey or someone’s church nearby. God will do the rest. Go God.

Excited to share this outline from the Bible this weekend. Pray for me that I can make it simple, clear, and

easy for everyone to reach on the shelf. God is for everybody. Not everybody knows. We have to tell everybody.

Let’s do this…. Go God!


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