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What's Next?

As we approach the end of another year everyone will be asking questions. What should we expect - NEXT in our world? Before flipping the 2023 calendar page to Happy New Year 2024 what’s on the radar? How can we be better prepared?

People like us wonder about the normal things. How long will Winter weather last before Spring returns? For those approaching retirement we’re concerned about the Stock Market. And if we have small children we’ll be concerned about the current infection rate for colds/flu in our local schools? All these questions matter.

If you’re a sports fan you’ll wonder if your team is going to play in Tournaments and Championships before buying your tickets. If you’re planning vacations you’ll have to consider costs for housing and travel before blocking time off.  We’re people with questions at the end of year? Even questions regarding entertainment and vacations are important. God is with us through all kinds of life questions.   

With that in mind we’re beginning our New Year 2024 series titled, What’s Needed MOST, before flipping the calendar page? What type of WISDOM and information will I need to be better informed? Let me suggest some guidance from God in the Bible and His wisdom words shared in Proverbs.

We’ll share topics and wisdom words regarding the importance of fear/respect, friends which can be trusted, words we use each day, temptation people face, money priorities and money habits. This series will offer relevant and helpful guidance which is needed by everyone we know.

Even better than a new Netflix series in January or another daily Podcast to follow - we’ll also need words which can be trusted, always. God’s words can be trusted, forever.

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”  Isaiah 40:8 NLT           

In order to answer a multitude of real life questions we’re using the Bible as our guide Book. I hope you can join us and invite a friend or foe to come and be our guest. We all need a little direction in the New Year 2024.

That’s WHAT is needed most in 2024….         


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