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You Don't Have What It Takes

This weekend is Father’s Day 2024. What are your plans? If you can join us at Journey Church Cynthiana, we promise to make YOUR DAD smile. Maybe gathering with dear old dad in a worship gathering like Journey Church could be the best dad gift ever. Dad’s are kind of funny, you know. They sometimes have a hard time expressing how they feel.

Most dads I’ve met get a little tongue tied expressing their love. They sure do love their kids, though. I think, mostly dads just like to hear from their kids on Father’s Day. Seeing them in person is a big bonus. If your dad is local bring him with you to Journey this weekend. Then after worship, you guys go grab a bite together. Smile, some more,

This weekend for Father’s Day I’ll share a relevant message from our current summer series we’re exploring. To tell you the truth this is a perfect Dad day message. Episode 2, Bible message #2 this week is about how our Dad’s feel the pressure. Trying hard. to always get things right.

If you want a little preview of the Bible message outline this weekend, here’s the take-away for Father’s Day: YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE. Again, most dads I know really want to work things out with everyone. Life gets messy and feelings get hurt. Forgiveness and grace are always good tools to carry in your toolbox every day.

I just read an online article with some advice from a dad and author living in South Africa. That is a long way from a small community called Cynthiana, Ky. I found the advice terrific from this author. Turns out dads are just dads, wherever they live. Here’s a few lines.


#1Recognize you can’t fix everything. Dad you can’t be the expert in everything. Get help. When you’re walking through a challenge, you don’’t have to be the expert.

#2Realize you should engage anyway. Many dads walk off the field because they feel they can’t do things perfectly. If you can’t engage perfectly, still engage.

Join us Journey Sat@6pm/Sun@10:30am in person and online. Remember if you can’t find our live stream on FaceBook it is also on YouTube now. Use your mobile device and the YouTube app to gather with us from anywhere.

If your dad is no longer living this may be an especially hard day on the calendar each year. This is three years since my dad passed away. I miss my dad. I miss his laughter and wisdom. I will remember him and his positive influence in my life this Father’s Day. I hope you will be doing the same, with dad in person, or remembering dad with fondness. Go Dad!

PS - We have a GRAB & GO gift tub for dad’s to explore on the Journey Welcome Desk this weekend. Dad’s can pick their own practical item they want as our gift. Go Dad.

See you in person and online at Journey Community Christian Church this weekend.   



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